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Our Services

A Division 1 collegiate coach, with a holistic approach to coaching that encompasses the total person, HUMAN. STUDENT. ATHLETE.  That sums it all up. Providing coaching and training in the field of Basketball sports, education and training services namely,  recruiting and developing women’s basketball players,  providing group coaching in basketball, and personal coaching services in the field of basketball,  denotes a lifestyle approach putting humans first, student second and the athlete as the total person as it pertains to the program culture within women’s basketball at levels: NCAA, D1, D2, D3,  JUCO, and recruiting high school girls basketball players/prospects. Developing and delivering athletic training programs, instruction in clinics, and camps to youth girls’ and boys’ basketball. Athletic education in women’s, girls’ high school athletic basketball training services, and women’s basketball players at the college level includes student leadership, mentoring, and athletic staff development programs for assistant coaches, as well as providing university keynote presentations to athletic staff members and athletic directors. Facilitate player development and leadership; direction and mentoring preparing college athletes for life after basketball. Basketball education and training services in women’s basketball developing customized individual training services, administering athletic education programs, and mentoring staff /employees under my leadership and guidance; as well as peer-to-peer coaching. 

Coaching Philosophy

You are a human. You are a student. You are an athlete and every piece of you matters. 

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